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Specializing in practical and cost-effective solutions for contaminated site management, providing services for the upstream oil and gas industry, municipalities, agricultural producers, and downstream petroleum retailers.

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Environmental Consulting & Project Management

Whether you are considering a new development, decommissioning a facility or facing environmental liabilities associated with historic contaminated sites we’ll provide you with professional guidance every step of the way to make sure your project moves to conclusion on schedule and on budget.

Our goal is to ensure the best people are in place to achieve your project goals while streamlining project information to allow you to make timely informed decisions. We have a network of professionals from a variety of disciplines ready to address all of your project needs.


Our Services

Aerial Surveying

Drone technology has transformed project planning with high-resolution survey data. HPM's RPAS and PPK technology offers immediate outputs for stockpiles, acreage planning, and crop management, ensuring project success.

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

New developments, problem site assessments and facility decommissioning. There's no better place to start than an environmental site assessment.

Agricultural Drainage

HPM provides assistance to landowners in the drainage application process, which involves mapping, legal control, communication with stakeholders, design of mitigation works, and completion of paperwork.

Spill Response

We know you do your best to avoid spills; unfortunately, they happen. Our goal is to make the best of a bad situation. Through timely response and informed decision making we can help minimize the impact and costs associated with these incidents.


Contaminated sites are a complex issue which warrant a detailed investigation before implementing any remedial action plan. We are experienced professionals who understand the importance of proper and effective remedial strategy.


Resource development is essential for economic prosperity. Reclamation is a crucial part of that development to ensure that land used for resource development is returned to its pre-disturbance condition. We project manage all aspects of facility decommissioning and reclamation to achieve regulatory compliance and landowner satisfaction.

Groundwater Investigations

A groundwater investigation is a crucial step in formulating a complete site assessment. We provide a detailed investigation plan with your project goals at the forefront to ensure that the investigation meets the project scope and regulatory requirements.

Conceptual Site Modelling

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our aim is to present the complexity of contaminated sites in a concise and coherent manner which allows you to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Site Specific Liability Assessment

Faced with an environmental liability but unsure of the potential scope and cost? We can help. We have the tools and personnel to complete your site assessment in a cost-effective manner and provide you with detailed remedial options to work within your budget and meet your regulatory requirements.

Site Specific Risk Assessment

There are alternatives to full site remediation. We can determine if an SSRA is a viable option for your site and if so, guide you through the process to ensure all stakeholder obligations are met.


Facilities eventually outlive their economic usefulness. We are prepared to help you put them to bed. We can navigate the regulatory waters, provide remediation where necessary and finalize reclamation to allow the land to return to an agriculturally productive state.

New Developments

Our passion for project management does not stop at contaminated site management. If you are looking to get a new project off the ground, why not contact a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) to see how you can get started.